Please take advantage of these generous gifts from our speakers!  Many of them will expire after the event, and are one-time only offers, so don't wait. 

Sandra Ingerman
Transfiguration: Free MP3

Daniel Shankin
The Essential Guide to Set, Setting, Substance, and Sitters

Dr. Carolyn Elliot
ELECTRIC YES transmission on The Forbidden Secrets of Outlawed Magick

Greg Lawrence

Five Tips for Integrating Your Psychedelic Experience

Lorna Liana
Psychedelic Integration Career Guide

Jocelyn Star Feather
3 Keys to Thriving in the Realm of Revelations & Miracles:
Cosmic Transmission & Creative Workshop FREE Video Training

Danielle Negrin
Free monthly psychedelic recovery groups,
integration circles and supportive community gatherings

Rak Razam

Consciousness & the Deeper Purpose of Psychedelics

Kyle Buller
Free courses from the Psychedelics Today Education Center

Christina Pratt
Ancestral Healing: How to Start

Dr. Benjamin Malcolm
Antidepressant and Psychedelic Drug Interaction and Taper Planning Guide

Robin Rose Bennett
Ocean and Moon Meditations

Gibrán Rivera
Free podcast, blogs & newsletter

Kayse Gehret

FREE Microdosing 101 Workshop

Charles Eisenstein 
Purchase his new book "The Coronation"

Dr. Marie Mbouni
Tap Into Your Intuition

Tricia Eastman
1. New Integration Guide With Reflections and Inquiry for Integration Process
2. Learn how you can support plant
medicine and ancestral knowledge systems

VerDarLuz CelestiOwl
6 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use Astrology For Professional Success:
Create More Time Freedom, Avoid Energy And Financial Loss, & Seize Opportunistic Cycles

Kat Courtney
25% Off Elements and Altar Building Class

Lotus Sky
Channeled Activation on Transcending Upper Limits

Tim Sae Koo
The Altered State of Business

Atira Tan
Felt Sense of Safety Meditation

Natasja Pelgrom
Awaken The Medicine Within Membership & 21 Days of Gratitude. A Monthly Gift For Your Self & 21 Days of Gratitude Journey! Join today and get 1 Month subscription & course for FREE!

Elizabeth Bast + Chor Boogie

Emotional Alchemy: A 6 Step Practice

Tah and Kole Whitty
Mind-Body Integration Course with Workbook

East Forest
Guided Meditation: A Simple Preparation Practice For A Psychedelic Journey

Mareesa Stertz
3 Step Psychedelic Story Preparation Guide

Simon Yugler
Free Email Course: Six Ways to See Your Shadow

Soma Phoenix
Ghost Pipe Tincture offer

Tasha Blank
DJ Essentials --  discount code 

Paola Ucelo
4 Keys to Personal Power

Alexandra Carelli
ThetaSoma- Guide Training

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