Hello Speakers Thank you for joining your fellow speakers in sharing this transformational event with your community and the world!  The promotional period starts Thursday, September 8th.  Everything you need to support and promote your placement as a speaker can be found here on this page below. Please email support@bethaweinstein.com with any questions.  Thanks again!  Beth


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Alex Carelli & Anthony West: https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/thetasoma

Allyson Grey: https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/allyson

Atira Tan:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/atira

Carolyn Elliott, PhD: https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/carolyn

Charles Eisenstein:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/charles

Christina Pratt: https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/christina

Chor Boogie & Elizabeth Bast:  https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/chorelizabeth

Daniel Shankin:  https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/daniel

Danielle Negrin:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/danielle

Darren Le Baron:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/darren

Dr. Benjamin Malcolm:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/drbenjamin

Dr. Marie Mbouni:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/drmarie

East Forest:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/eastforest

Gibran Rivera:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/gibran

Greg Lawrence:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/greg

Jocelyn Star Feather:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/jocelyn

Joel Brierre:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/joel

Kamya Buch:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/kamya

Kat Courtney:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/kat

Kayse Gehret:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/kayse

Kufikiri Imara:  https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/kufikiri

Kyle Buller:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/kyle

Lorna Liana:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/lorna

Lotus Sky:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/lotus

Mareesa Stertz:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/mareesa

Maria Teresa Chavez:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/maria

Natasja Pelgrom:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/natasja

Paola Ucelo:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/paola

Rak Razam:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/rak

Robin Rose Bennett:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/robin

Sandra Ingerman:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/sandra

Simon Yugler:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/simon

Soma Phoenix:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/soma

Tah and Kole Whitty:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/tahkole

Tasha Blank:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/tasha

Tim Sae Koo:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/tim

Tricia Eastman:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/tricia

VerDarLuz CelestiOwl:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/verdarluz

Wade Davis:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/wade

Xochitl Ashe:   https://psychedelicsandsoul.com/xochitl


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REMINDER:  promo period starts Thursday, September 8th!


Email suggestions:  (1) Your story and connection to the content of the summit (beginning of the email) will create a much bigger impact. Consider telling your readers why this subject is so important to you.  Feel free to modify the email to reflect your experience and to match your voice and unique style that your community is used to and loves. (2) Please address their first name in the greeting and ideally one more instance in the email to make it as personal as possible. (3It's recommended to maintain the formatting by keeping the bolds and underlines as specified in the copy documents.

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